The first German federal ARD channel known for its Russophobic staged films about Russian athletes and doping, today will release a movie about news agency News Front and information centre “South-Eastern Front” calling them the main agents of Putin in the information war against the West. 


The film will be titled “A Game of Shadows. Undeclared Putin’s war against the West”.





The head of News Front agency Constantine Knyrik commented on this event:


“Based upon the movie trailer they were permanently keeping an eye out for us. It is a recognition of our work somehow. ARD which recently was a grandstand of the super fakes about the Russian athletes and doping now films a movie about News Front activities. We stood on a par with our Olympians”, wrote Knyrik on his Facebook page.


According to Knyrik, ARD will release yet another “blockbuster” for its considerable audience but why the small news agency sparked its interest raises questions.


“And someone tells me we are losing the information war?”, Knyrik wondered, adding that the staff could be counted on the fingers.


“State German channel with a billion funding and orders directly from the CIA could not resist the truth that is provided by 3 persons… Because the truth is always stronger”, says the head of News Front.


Constantine Knyrik expressed confidence in the fact that the agency is moving in the right direction, if the major German TV channels began to pay attention to News Front. 


“Thousands of people from Germany and other European countries everyday express their gratitude for the truth, which we provide to Europeans in different languages, – he added. – It’s a pity but it seems now Anastasia Shkitina, as the chief editor of our German department won’t be able to go to Germany soon”. 




Summing up, he thanked all the News Front audience for the support and called on to continue struggle in the information arena.