Citing an agreed cease-fire in Ukraine that has never gotten off the ground, Ms. Merkel said that she and French President Francois Hollande made clear to EU leaders in Brussels “that the extension of the sanctions…is sadly necessary,” WSJ wrote.


German Chancellor Merkel delivers a government declaration on the consequences of the Brexit vote at the lower house of parliament Bundestag in Berlin


EU ambassadors agreed last week in principle to extend the sanctions by six months, to the end of January 2017. The decision was delayed because of Italian demands that it be discussed first at the EU leaders meeting and a French requirement to run the measures by its parliament.


It is expected that the formal rollover of the sanctions will now happen in the coming days. “There’s nothing stopping the extension of the sanctions,” Ms. Merkel said, following a meeting of EU heads of state in Brussels on Tuesday.


In the end, there was only a brief discussion of sanctions at the EU leaders meeting.


European Council President Donald Tusk has promised a broader discussion of EU sanctions on Russia and EU ties with its eastern neighbor for October.




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