Hungary will not relent on policy regarding the migration crisis and aims to use its planned referendum on EU migrant resettlement quotas to achieve a policy change in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Wednesday.


Hungary's PM Orban arrives on the second day of the EU Summit in Brussels


Orban told a news conference there were no initiatives on the table that would call for Hungary leaving the EU, and that even the radical rightwing Jobbik party argued for Hungary’s EU membership now.


“We don’t know of any proposals that could be taken seriously that would question (Hungary’s) EU membership, but there are serious proposals for us not to give up on any of our migration policy, and we will not relent,” Orban said on state TV. “The two things must not be mixed up.”


Orban said he hoped the quota referendum would help achieve change in Brussels migration policy, but he said he still faced “serious fights.”