The modern and well-equipped Army and Navy are a weighty argument against attempts of provocation, blackmail or pressure on Russia, President Vladimir Putin said at a reception ceremony for graduates of higher military institutions on Tuesday.




“Today, we are solving a lot of large-scale national tasks but strengthening the Armed Forces is undoubtedly the most important of them,” Putin said.


“The modern and well-equipped army and navy are a guarantee of the sovereignty and independence of Fatherland, the security of our citizens and a weighty argument against any attempts of provocations, blackmail or pressure on our country,” Putin said.


Accordin to the president, the operation of the Russian air task force in Syria has proved the importance and the correctness of the course towards the upgrade of Russia’s Armed Forces.


Putin made this statement at a reception ceremony for graduates of higher military institutions.


“Our strategic course towards modernization and improvement of the Armed Forces remains unchanged. It was correct and was conducted efficiently, which was also convincingly proved by the operations of our air task force and the navy in the Syrian Arab Republic,” Putin said.


“We’ll continue to further optimize the structure and the numerical strength of the army and the navy and bring the system of military governance and coordination of military units to a new level, including our interaction with our allies,” the Russian president said.


The Russian president also spoke about further measures to provide troops with modern military hardware.


“Work will continue to supply troops with advanced armaments and military equipment. Precisely this task is set in the state armament program for 2018-2025, the draft of which is being developed. The emphasis will be made on advanced precision weapons, promising military equipment and communications means,” Putin said.