IS members were instructed to carry out attacks on ‘unbelievers’ during the month of Ramadan.





The terror group have been positioned in the mountains above Qaa for several years and the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah have been fighting them off.


Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim, said if the attack is confirmed to have been IS, this will be the first attack of its kind on a Christian village.


The attackers were confronted for looking suspicious by a resident after which one of the attackers blew himself up around 4am.


A source told AFP: “The first attacker knocked on one of the homes in the village, but after the resident became suspicious, he blew himself up,” the source said.


The other bombers followed suit after residents gathered in the streets. The attacks happened 150m from a customs border point- soldiers were among those injured in the attack.


The Al-Qaa Mayor, Bahir Matar said: “Al-Qaa is the gateway to the rest of Lebanon, and here we stopped a plan for a much bigger explosion.”


Lebanon’s National News Agency reported the area has been sealed off and the military are searching for accomplices.