There are announcements over a second migrant wave during the summer, which is to be entirely different from the initial one. It is already felt in the central Mediterranean corridor, said PresidentGjorge Ivanov during Friday’s visit to the Ministry of Interior.




“The minister and the police directors briefed me over the lessons learned from the first wave. All measures have been undertaken, while the police officers from the EU member ­states and the Balkan region are very helpful. Activities are synchronized, our crisis management system is providing daily reports over attempts to breach the border”, President Ivanov said.


He added that Macedonia has successfully managed the situation, showing other countries how to cope with such challenges.


Ivanov said the second migrant wave originates from Egypt, which currently holds five million migrants, along with 20 million potential migrants from the Horn of Africa on the Sudan borders, but also taking into consideration the situation in refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey.


Minister of Interior Mitko Cavkov said they agreed with President Ivanov that the refugee crisis is not in the past, but is still active.


“We are catching or blocking 200­-300 refugees or migrants on a daily basis, identifying organized crime groups, and intensively working on closer police cooperation regarding international investigations”, Cavkov said.