UN: Daesh Committs Genocide, War Crimes Against Yazidis


Daesh has committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Yazidis, the UN Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic said in a report released Thursday.


“ISIS [Daesh] has committed the crime of genocide as well as multiple crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Yazidis, thousands of whom are held captive in the Syrian Arab Republic where they are subjected to almost unimaginable horrors,” the report read.


Daesh is a terrorist group that has captured large areas of land in Syria and Iraq, where it has proclaimed a caliphate. The terror group is outlawed in Russia, the United States and in several other countries.


The Yazidis are an independent religious community concentrated primarily in Iraq’s Nineveh province. Their religion, Yazidism, has ties to Zoroastrianism, but also to other faiths.





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