A Libyan hospital spokesman says 10 militia fighters have been killed and seven injured in a suicide attack on a police station outside the ISIS stronghold of Sirte, where pro-government fighters are waging an offensive against the militant group.


Armed Misrata fighters loyal to the unity government on the main street of Sirte


The spokesman, Abdel-Aziz Essa, told The Associated Press that the attack took place in the early hours of Thursday in Abu Ghrain, a town located on a crossroad that connects the coastal cities with the south.


The fighting in Sirte, the final ISIS stronghold in the oil-rich country, started in early May. It’s being led mostly by militias from the western city of Misrata, which is aligned with the U.N.-brokered government in Tripoli.


The militias face increasing resistance from ISIS militants who have retaliated with roadside bombs and suicide attacks.




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