The Islamic States (ISIS) plans to stage attacks against lawmakers and journalists in Turkey, according to documents seized a two members of this terrorist group, informed today Yeni Safak newspaper.


The extremists were recently captured in the southeastern region of Kilis bordering Syria. They were in possession of weapons with silencers and a list of legislators and reporters they had to execute, according to police reports obtained by the newspaper.


During interrogation it was possible to know that both were waiting for orders from their group to perpetrate the killings of those persons whose identities have not been revealed.


Last Monday ISIS members shot Syrian journalist Ahmed Abdulkader in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa. The reporter was seriously injured. This is the fifth attack of its kind in the last eight months.


On April 12 journalist Mohamed Zahir Sherkat was murdered by members of the Islamist group in Gaziantep, southeast of Turkey.


A security camera recorded when an unknown man, an alleged ISIS member, approached Sherkat on a busy street of the city and shot him with a pistol in the neck.


In late October last year the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the killings in Sanliurfa of journalists Ibrahim Abd al-Qader and Fares Hamadi.




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