Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in a speech at the ceremony of handing in the State Prizes greeted the Russians on the Russia Day, celebrated on June 12.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and conductor, artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre Valery Gergiev at the ceremony


“This holiday marks the important values like the Fatherland, patriotism and unity of the nation, it reflects our kind, sincere feelings towards Russia, our responsibility for its present and future,” the president said.


The Russia Day symbolizes “the many-centuries history of this country, the common history of its multi-ethnic people who have left to the current generations the great heritage: the traditions to live in peace and accord, the sacred attitude towards the Fatherland, the labor and military victories.”


“We can feel this connection of the times and quite often we can find answers to the vital modern histories in our history, in its events, in fates of the outstanding predecessors,” Putin said.


The traditions, their succession continue today being important for humanism, education, scientific and creational work, he continued. No wonder on this day, the Russia Day, laureates receive the State Prizes, those are outstanding persons working in the culture and sciences in this country, he said, adding the official ceremony of handing in the State Prizes is a high recognition of the laureates’ achievements.


Putin thanked the laureates for the sincere, fair service to the Fatherland and the people. “The creative abilities of the kind are given to outstanding, strong people, who are generous and brave, who have the freedom and special perception of reality, for whom the labor and profession are the essence of life”.




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