ISIS carried out three suicide car bombings Sunday against forces allied with Libya’s unity government battling to retake the city of Sirte, an official said.


A fighter from forces aligned with Libya's new unity government


“Three explosions from cars driven by Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bombers targeted our forces in Sirte,” Rida Issa, a spokesman for the unity government’s forces, told AFP.


“There are several wounded among our forces,” he said, without providing further details.


One bomber blew up his car a few meters (yards) from a group of pro-government fighters near the Abu Hadi roundabout in the city’s southeast, Issa said.


The other bombers targeted pro-government forces and a field hospital in the city’s west.


Militants from ISIS had barricaded themselves in the center of Sirte, hoping to draw militias fighting to dislodge them into a protracted street battle, a spokesman for the fighters loyal to the U.N.-backed government said Sunday.




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