Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will not hold a grudge against AIPAC after the pro-Israel lobby apologized to President Barack Obama after Trump’s speech during its annual conference in March.


In a joint interview to the Jewish Link and , Greenblatt criticized AIPAC for its decision, but when asked directly by an interviewer if Trump would hold a grudge, said no, not on such an important issue as Israel.


A Forward article wrongly deduced from the interview that Greenblatt had subtly threatened AIPAC by invoking the possibility of a grudge. Greenblatt called the Forward and explained that an interviewer has asked him the question, and he had answered it.


AIPAC apologized to Obama for Trump’s comments — adding a “Yay!” after saying that it would be his last year in office — and the audience cheers and applause that followed his presentation.


“It was wrong of AIPAC to do that,” Greenblatt said. “I would not have made that decision if I were them.”


AIPAC representative Marshall Wittmann declined to comment on Greenblatt’s statements.




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