Expert: Turkey wants to dispose of Armenians in Syria


Military operations are carried out against the Kurdish-populated neighborhoods in Aleppo, Syria, Arab Studies specialist Armen Petrosyan stated at a press conference on Saturday.


“Or, why is the same Jabhat al-Nusra [i.e. a Sunni Islamist militia] is warring against the Syrian government troops, which likewise are warring against ISIL [i.e. the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant jihadist militant group]?,” asked Petrosyan. “It is clear that Turkey supports them.”


As per the expert, at the same time, however, Turkey wishes to dispose of the Armenians in Syria. He noted that operations were launched in late May against the Armenian districts in Aleppo, and an Armenian, who was a coordinator of the self defense of the town, was killed recently.


The Arab Studies specialist noted that, in this connection, the recent meeting between the Russian, Iranian, and Syrian defense ministers is not a coincidence.





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