Another day, another scandal involving Hillary Clinton. Website SourceFed has uncovered evidence showing Google Search Suggestions being manipulated in order to show Hillary Clinton’s opponents in a negative light while showing only positive results for Clinton. Watch the video below show just how Google manipulated its search suggestions knowingly (despite the videos claim no one may have known, clearly someone knew).



As you can see terms that are much more heavily searched were being hidden to Google users, while all of the bad results regarding her opponents showed up as the same on both Google as well as Bing/Yahoo.


Google has been no stranger to controversy regarding liberals. Eric Schmidt as well as other google staffers had meetings with White House staff at least 400+ times. Making the Google Staff the most popular visitors to the White House.


Now does this prove Google is colluding with fellow liberals to stop Conservatives from winning? No. But it’s pretty damning evidence the company has been working with liberals in order to keep Democrats in the White House.




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