The French Senate is due to vote on a resolution that calls for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.


French Senate


The resolution has already been passed by the French National Assembly, where the vote went through to a storm of cheers and applause.


Although the resolution is not binding, it sends a strong signal of discontent to the French government.


Lawmakers are urging an end to punitive measures against Russia, stressing that Moscow remains a strategic partner for both France and Europe.


They also hope that, in response, Moscow will lift its food embargo on EU products.


“I think it is important because it is the French Senate. What we are seeing – we are seeing across Europe: political parties and forces are challenging these sanctions which are totally disastrous for Europe. They are losing hundreds of billion – they already lost for the EU at a time when the economy is not doing very well, particularly the French economy. I think Francois Hollande, who himself came out last year and said that the sanctions should be lifted if the Minsk agreements were adhered to, which they have been”, said a journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark.




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