“Poland, Romania and Turkey share common problems and proposals for solving them,” foreign affairs chief Witold Waszczykowski told journalists following a Warsaw meeting with his counterparts on Thursday.


Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski (C), his Romanian counterpart, Lazar Comanescu (R) and Turkish opposite number, Mevlut Cavusoglu (L) meeting in Warsaw


Waszczykowski’s talks with his Romanian counterpart, Lazar Comanescu, and Turkish opposite number Mevlut Cavusoglu were centered on security issues, particularly within the context of the approaching NATO summit in Warsaw.


“We believe that the eastern flank and its security should be strengthened through the deployment of combined US-NATO forces,” he added.


Waszczykowski also declared that talks between the foreign affairs ministers of Poland, Turkey and Romania, the three largest nations located on NATO’s eastern flank, will be continued in the future.


Poland has been campaigning for the consolidation of NATO’s eastern flank since the Ukrainian-Russian crisis began in 2014, with the former coalition government of Civic Platform and the Polish People’s Party taking up the issue.




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