Socialist faction in the Parliament of Moldova on Thursday registered an initiative on the personal nonconcurrence vote to the Finance Minister Octavian Armaşu. 


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Earlier, the Socialists said that every week they are going to put forward the personal votes of no confidence to members of the government. The parliament has already registered the initiative with a motion of no confidence to the Minister of Defence Anatol Șalaru and the head of Education Ministry Corina Fusu. During the meeting on Thursday, MPs will consider the draft of nonconcurrence vote expression to the Minister of Education. 


“The current leadership of the Ministry of Finance does not seem to know what are the real department’s functions, either do not know or do not want to know. Since the beginning of the year state’s budget revenues decreased by 9.3%, and the costs by 2%”, said the socialist MP Corneliu Furculiță.  


Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu said that the vote of no confidence contains arguments and signed by the necessary number of MPs and will be forwarded to the Permanent Bureau and the government. 


According to him, under the law of the country, the no-confidence vote would be considered within 14 days. The exact date would be established by a Permanent parliamentary bureau. 




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