Today, on June 8,  in Slovenia during the extraordinary session of the Parliament will be hold a vote on the ratification of the Protocol of Montenegro and NATO. In this regard, the Montenegrin opposition deputies sent an open letter to Slovenian colleagues urging them to vote against this document. 


In particular, the letter states that the decision to join NATO in Montenegro was made without a referendum and against the background of mass protests of citizens; the authorities of the country are corrupt and non-replaceable since socialist times.


The letter was signed by 19 Montenegrin MPs, representatives of the “Democratic Front” bloc.


Slovenia could become the first country to ratify the Protocol of Montenegro and NATO. Earlier, Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Eryavets expressed support to former Yugoslavian neighbors integrating into the North Atlantic Alliance.


Earlier, Iceland had ratified the Protocol. The vote has not been announced in advance, though it was assumed that Slovenia would be the first.




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