Macedonia is in a critical historical moment and theresponsibility lies with its leaders and politicians, Bulgaria’s President Rosen Plevneliev said in an interview for Focus radio.


President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev


According to the Bulgarian chief of state, the politicians inMacedonia should all seat together at the negotiating table, restrain from violence and end the unprincipled and absolutely incomprehensible opposition to participate in elections at any cost and in every possible way, because the elections are the solution to every crisis.


Plevneliev also expressed bafflement regarding the fact that all Macedonian political leaders have not showed the desire and the possibility to provide concrete answers in terms of organizing fair and credible elections that will reflect the people’s choice on who is to govern the country and who will bare the responsibility for the nation.


He said that only a group of people profits from the crisis in Macedonia, who refuse to reach out and give a helping hand, so they would open the way for good practices and European values.


“In terms of Macedonia, we are a brother, an irreplaceable friend, we’ve always helped and we’ll continue to help. We were always concerned, and we are concerned now and we’ll continue to be concerned for what is happening there. We’ll insist on a modern approach, putting an end to the wrong ideologies from the past, end to the creation of artificial tensions between the two brotherly nations through manipulating history, for a new start based on European principles and values. I expect we’ll walk together the final steps regarding the signing of the good neighborly relations agreement, which will confirm the new stage of our relations,” Plevneliev said.




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