Council of the Italian Liguria during its meeting on Tuesday will consider a draft resolution calling on the Italian Government to condemn the EU’s policy on the Crimean issue and demand the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions.


The document was submitted to the legislative body of the “Northern League” party; 16 of the 31 Regional Council members, who represent all parties of the ruling majority in Liguria, put signatures to this document. 


Liguria became the second region of Italy, who brought to the agenda the issue of necessity to recognize Crimean right to self-determination and the lifting of sanctions, which have caused and continue to cause serious economic damage to the Italian economy. A similar resolution had been adopted by the Regional Council of Veneto on May 18.


In the case of approval of the draft resolution, the Chairman of Liguria Regional Council and the head of the region will be authorized to work actively with the Government and Parliament of Italy, with the institutions of the European Union to review the relations between the EU and Russia, as well as promote the establishment of a committee to collect signatures for lifting of anti-Russian sanctions.




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