Bulgarian border police, in cooperation with Greek and Turkish authorities, have thwarted attempts of about 95 irregular migrants to cross the country’s borders in two separate cases over the past 24 hours.


Bulgarian border police


A patrol comprising a Bulgarian border police officer and two Polish officers commissioned by the European border management agency Frontex spotted about 25 irregular migrants approaching the wire fence built on the frontier with Turkey near the village of Kapitan Andreevo in the early hours of Monday.


The patrol immediately informed the Turkish authorities who detained the group, the Interior Ministry in Sofia said in a statement on Monday.


Around midday on Sunday border police spotted a group of about 70 people approaching the frontier from Greece near the town of Gotse Delchev. Greek border police were notified and additional Bulgarian border patrols were sent to the area. The group was detained on Greek territory before reaching the border with Bulgaria.


In a separate case, Bulgarian border police discovered six irregular migrants inside a railcar of a freight train arriving from Turkey at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on Sunday. The people carried no identity documents and claimed to be Syrian citizens.


Also on Sunday, border police at Lesovo crossing found five migrants a Turkish-registered truck arriving from Turkey. Police used a carbon dioxide analyzer to detect the irregular migrants hiding in the back of the truck. The people claimed to be Syrian citizens.




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