Turkey’s reaction to the German Bundestag decision to recognize Armenian Genocide is unequivalent, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.


“I believe, actually, the reason for all this is that Turkey does not want to truly be a partner in several matters, since it attempts to cause scandals, insults its partners, including Europe, on a regular basis,” noted Lavrov.


In his words, Moscow views the Bundestag’s respective resolution solely as the lawmakers’ expression of will.


“Some considerations, which prompted the initiators of this voting to propose that it [i.e. the Bundestag voting on this resolution] be done right now, probably have played a role,” the Russian FM added. “Naturally, we [i.e. Russia] learned that such voting is being prepared, but only at the last time moment.”


The Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, on Thursday formally recognized the Armenian Genocide, with the aforesaid resolution and with only one vote against and one abstention. The resolution also notes that the Bundestag regrets that the German government at the time did nothing to stop this crime against humanity, and therefore the Bundestag also acknowledges the respective historical accountability of Germany.




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