On the eve the charter flight of the Russian Ministry of Defense military transport aircraft took Syria’s 10-year-old girl Sidra Zaarour who lost both legs as a result of terrorists mortar fire.




“Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu decided to send military transport plane with medical and nursing teams to Syria to conduct aeromedical evacuation of the injured girl to Moscow”, said a statement.


It should be noted that this case is far from isolated. The Russian military in Syria regularly helps out the local population and especially the war-affected children. Moreover, they do it regardless of the cost and a significant risk. In particular, Russian military transport aviation humanitarian raids became widely known, in which civilians, blocked by the militants in the towns, got the essentials, first of all – food and medicines. 


Russia also leads no less active humanitarian policy in respect of blocked and terrorized by the Kiev junta Donbass civilian population. And again – the main focus on children.


In early summer of 2014, emergency measures for treatment of Donbass children who were affected by the barbaric attacks were adopted in Russia. A year later, on the International Children’s Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Research Institute of Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology, where he talked with the facility staff and young patients who came from the war zone. 




At that moment, there was treated Ivan Voronov from Donetsk, the biy was seriously injured during the shelling. Putin asked about his well-being and wished a speedy recovery to the boy. Over the past year since then, Russian doctors have done everything possible to save the child’s life and open his eyes. And they succeeded.


Injured child


Against the background of sustained and sometimes unprecedented Russian efforts to provide assistance to children – victims of armed conflicts, complete equanimity and indifference of the West in relation to this issue looks more than strange. For the two years of war in the Donbass no Western government or social structure – from the US State Department to the notorious “doctors without borders” did not take a single attempt to do something in this direction. And it is clear why – because in this way they would be forced to admit that Kiev troops kill and maim Donbass children. And it is fundamentally contrary to the geopolitical interests of the West, the essence of which the full support of the Kiev junta, no matter what policy it conducts. 


Such hypocrisy is absolutely alien to Russia, from the President and Minister of Defence, to the ordinary soldier and the doctor brought up on the commandment of ancestors, which states that there’s no someone else’s grief.




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