The fighting on the Aegean Sea island broke out late on Thursday and resulted in 25 arrests, with six people injured, the newspaper Kathimerini reported, citing the police.


Stranded migrants are silhouetted at dawn at the Greek-Macedonian border, near the village of Idomeni


The clashes involved some 150 Afghan, Pakistani and Syrian migrants, reports said. Two houses were torched before police got involved and firefighters put out the blaze.


The violence comes after a fire broke out at a detention facility on the Aegean island of Lesbos, where over 70 people were injured and around 300 left without shelter.


Hundreds of migrants coming ashore on the Greek islands of Samos, Lesbos and Chios find themselves locked up for months at so-called hotspots, created as part of the EU-Turkey migrant deal. Under the deal, Turkey has pledged to take back all undocumented migrants that have crossed into Europe through Turkey.


Last month, Human Rights Watch issued a report saying that “inhumane” detention conditions in the Greek centers processing refugees create a volatile atmosphere that contributes to daily violence. However, local residents of Samos, once a popular vacation destination which has seen its tourist economy crumble under the weight of the unwanted arrivals, are up in arms over the use of their once-idyllic island as a dumping ground for unwanted asylum-seekers. Meanwhile, cash-strapped Athens is considering closing a deal with the EU to accommodate more migrants, now that EU-Turkish relations have soured.




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