In Brussels European Parliament, was hold the conference “The alternative exists – no to NATO”, on which spoke out the Montenegrin public figure, leader of the “No to War – No to NATO” movement and chief editor of the IN4S portal Gojko Raicevic.


Raicevic said that his country for more than a quarter of a century is ruled by a single party and a prime minister – Milo Djukanovic, who only executes commands from Brussels and Washington.


“At first, he had to destroy the secular unity of Serbia and Montenegro, to recognize the pseudo-state of Kosovo in the occupied territory of Serbia, to impose sanctions against the brotherly Russia”.


And now, according to Raicevic, the final implementation phase is Montenegro’s accession to NATO.


“NATO surrounded Russia, not because of love to her but for the same purposes which aimed Hitler. But those who have not skipped school the lessons of history, know that neo-Nazis will end the same way as their predecessors”, said Raicevic.


Delegates from Montenegro urged foreign participants of the conference to move thesis about the inadmissibility of Montenegro’s join to NATO in their national parliaments.




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