The European Union is interested in the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions in case of the Minsk agreements’ implementation, EU Ambassador to Russia Vygaudas Usackas said Thursday.


“We want to lift the sanctions entirely, when the Minsk agreements will be fulfilled. But I’d rather not talk about the details here, in Kaliningrad, when we are not talking about sanctions, but about how to maintain and promote the cooperation and those projects, which have a good example,” Usackas told journalists.


In 2014, relations between Moscow and Brussels soured due to the disagreements over the situation in Ukraine, after Crimea decided by public vote to secede from Kiev and rejoin Russia. As Brussels imposed several rounds of sanctions against Russia, Moscow stroke back banning food exports from the countries that backed anti-Russian policy.


Kiev, Brussels and Washington blame Moscow for intervention in Ukrainian domestic affairs. Russia has repeatedly denied any allegations regarding conflict in eastern Ukraine.




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