10-year-old resident of the Syrian Aleppo Sidra Zaarour who has suffered as a result of the shelling of residential areas of the city had been brought to Moscow for treatment by the Russian military. 


“On June 1, 2016 Sidra Zaarour was promptly brought to Moscow by the military transport aircraft Il-76 equipped with special aeromedical unit. In Moscow, the girl was taken to the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, where she will have a course of treatment and rehabilitation”, said the report of the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry. Throughout the flight from Aleppo to Moscow the state of girl’s health has been followed by highly skilled military medics from the Main Military Clinical Hospital and Central Military Clinical Hospital.


According to the Russian Defense Ministry, on April 16, Sidra Zaarour with her parents and sisters came under fire from terrorists’ homemade mortars, firing gas bottles. Her three-year nephew and an older sister were killed in front of her eyes, and she lost both legs.


“Syrian doctors from the civil hospital in Aleppo have done everything possible to save the girl’s life, but Sidra received severe physical and psychological trauma and needs further treatment and rehabilitation”, notes the press service of the Defense Ministry. Thereafter the girl’s relatives asked Russian servicemen in Syria for help with treatment and rehabilitation in one of the Russian medical institutions. 


Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu decided to send military transport plane with medical and nursing teams to Syria to conduct aeromedical evacuation of the injured girl to Moscow, said a statement.





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