Many German parliamentarians received threats over plans to adopt a resolution in which the mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were recognized as a genocide. This was announced by the German Parliament Speaker Norbert Lammert, who opened the debates before the vote on the resolution.


Norbert Lammert


“Along with the protests and demonstrations also took place numerous threats, in particular, colleagues who have Turkish roots, received even death threats”, he said. “All criticism is acceptable, of course, but it is also clear that the threats to prevent freedom of expression in the Federal Republic of Germany is unacceptable”, noted Lammert. “We will not allow to intimidate us”, said chairman of the Bundestag.


“We Germans, on the example of the dark pages of our history know, perhaps more than others, that the reference to historical events can be painful. We also have learned that an honest and self-critical rethinking of the past does not represent a threat to relations with other countries and is a precondition for reconciliation and cooperation”, he said. 


He recalled the contribution of Turkey to overcome the migration crisis in Europe. “The current government of Turkey is not responsible for what happened 100 years ago, but are partly responsible for the fact that this will continue”, he added.




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