Today, on June 2, Bulgaria celebrates the Memorial Day of the legendary revolutionary and national hero Hristo Botev, whose life and activities have played a large role in the development of the Bulgarian national identity. Hristo Botev was not only a poet, who left a huge cultural heritage, but also one of the symbols of the Bulgarian heroism in the struggle against the Ottoman Empire.




On this day every year, are holding commemorative events. When Hristo Botev was killed in the fighting, sounds exactly 12 sirens in his honor, and everyone young and old stop and stand peacefully as a sign of reverence to the hero.


Today in the city of Varna, during the event in honor of Hristo Botev, took place an unprecedented situation. While people gathered near the monument of the hero to bring flowers and pay tribute to, group of NATO soldiers in uniform tried to desecrate the memorial event, displaying blatant arrogance and disrespect.


NATO forces were standing near the monument and behaved arrogantly, causing rapid perturbation of the Bulgarians, who with the flags of Bulgaria and Russia drove the Americans from the holy place.




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