The EU calls into question the rule of law in Poland and threatens to impose sanctions on the country, Gazeta reported quoting Financial Times.


As it is reported, the European Commission accuses the Polish government of a controversial reform of the national Constitutional Court which is anti-democratic and constitutes a systemic treat to the rule of law in the country.


FT writes that the European Commission issued a formal warning to the Polish authorities on Wednesday.  However, they, in turn, do not intend to concede.


Prime Minister Beata Szydlo stated that the opinion of the EU has no influence on the decisions to be adopted in Poland. This is a problem of Poland, and they should solve it.


According to the edition if the warnings have no result, the European Commission can impose sanctions against Poland in the form of a penalty or deprivation of a vote under new laws of the EU.


As it is noted, this is the first case in the history of the block when the European Union accuses its member state of undermining democracy. The conflict not only damaged relations between Warsaw and Brussels, but also questioned the EU’s right to require legislative changes in sovereign member states.




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