Turkey has been and remains a participant of the Karabakh conflict. This was stated by a political science professor at Istanbul University Süleyman Şah Cengiz Aktar.


“It happened after the failure with the Zurich protocols. Turkey began to help its brother – Azerbaijan. And this despite the fact that no one, even the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Turkey knows where Karabakh is situated”, said Prof. Cengiz Aktar during a roundtable on the issue of the Karabakh conflict in Yerevan.


According to Akhtar, Turkey’s position on this issue is completely emotional: Ankara supports Baku in defiance of diplomatic rules.


“At the same time there was very few information in the Turkish press about what is happening in Karabakh these days. The only reliable information appeared in the pages of “Agos” newspaper. Very little information about what kind of assistance is provided by the Turkish army to Azerbaijan”, said Cengiz Aktar.




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