NATO countries are united in the opinion that relations with Russia would no longer be as before and would take place on the basis of “business as usual”, said the head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Pavel Solokh.




Solokh participated in a meeting of senior officials of Poland with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who arrived in the Polish capital to discuss preparations for the summit of the alliance in early July, and the decisions that would be taken.


Despite Russia’s position on this issue, he said, the summit in Warsaw will be a turning point and it will be decided to expand the NATO military presence in the east flank, including Poland.


“Even though it will not be the classic bases, but it is a permanent international presence, the purpose of which is the protection of the Member States, not just drills”, said Solokh.


The number of this presence is still being discussed, he said. According to him, in the future, Poland intends to seek to increase its military presence on the eastern flank for protection from “classic threats such as war or aggression”.




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