Hillary Clinton’s efforts to move past the controversy over the private email server she used when secretary of state were dealt a blow on Wednesday by the release of an internal state department report finding she had broken multiple government rules.


Donald Trump


Clinton brushed off questions about her integrity on CNN: “Nothing has changed. It was not at all unprecedented. It will not affect my campaign or my presidency.”


Her likely Republican opponent, Donald Trump, who has stepped up attacks on Clinton’s trustworthiness, told a rally in California: “She’s as dirty as they come.”


Both candidates, for starkly different reasons, are looking toward a separate FBI decision on whether to bring criminal charges over the breaches. House speaker Paul Ryan said Clinton’s actions were “at best negligent and at worst harmful” to national security.


Meanwhile, speaking to late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon, Trump confirmed he uses aliases, including the name Barron, and challenged Bernie Sanders to a debate ahead of the 7 June primary in California. (Clinton has turned down another debate with Sanders.)


The leftwing Democratic candidate accepted, tweeting: “Game on. I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary.”




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