Rally against the renewed power of Montenegro will be held today in Podgorica in front of Skupština (Parliament). The protest organizer is “Democratic Front” bloc.




Residents of the capital are going to oppose Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and his regime, which by decision of May 19 included the representatives of the systemic opposition: “Demos” party, the Social Democratic Party and the civil movement “URA”. They got the posts of the minister of agriculture, finance, social policy, as well as Interior Minister.


The “Democratic Front” is considered such decision as a betrayal of the struggle for the changing of power in the country, which lasts for more than a quarter century and has no confidence among the people. Since October 2015, in Montenegro does not subside demonstrations against the government and against joining NATO. The first mass anti-NATO rallies were brutally dispersed, that only exacerbated the street struggle.


“Democratic Front” insists on regime change and the holding of the first fair elections in the history, while the “systemic opposition” for months allegedly tryed to solve insoluble problems through negotiations, and now just nominated its representatives to the ministerial posts. 


The organizers invite all citizens of Montenegro to show by their presence that they understand the situation in the country and do not consider the appointment of several new ministers, who can favorably negotiate with the authorities, as the execution of their claims.




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