German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Turkey would implement the agreement with the EU to resolve the immigration crisis in full measure, despite the threat of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to tear up the deal.




According to Deutsche Welle, Merkel stressed that the Turkish side still has not fulfilled all the 72 conditions necessary for the abolition of the visa regime. She also reminded that Brussels and Ankara would discuss all issues during the talks.


Recall, on the eve the President of Turkey has threatened to break an agreement with the EU on refugees, if the visa-free regime for Turkish citizens won’t go into effect from July 1. In addition, he recalled that the European Union’s pledged funds to support refugees in Turkey has not yet been received.


According to the agreement between Brussels and Ankara, the European Union will return to Turkey refugees who arrived to Greece through the Aegean Sea. In response, the EU would take Syrian refugees from Turkey, and to ensure the needs of compelled refugees on Turkish territory allocates up to € 6 billion.




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