Every day from 23:15 to 23:55 the first Hungarian public TV-channel broadcasts the news in foreign languages in the following order: English, German, Russian and Chinese. English version broadcast takes 10 minutes, others – 6-8 minutes.


On May 25, 2016 all of those programs were dedicated to coverage the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov to Budapest (there were some differences in content in different languages). 


The exact amount of damage caused to the Hungarian economy by anti-Russian sanctions in Russian version was $ 4.5 billion in two years. English version mentions “about $ 5 billion”. The Hungarian version says only about “a few billion” of dollars. 


The migration problem has been also showed. 


Thus, English and Russian versions covered the exposure by the state security apparatus of funding by George Soros for all Hungarian NGOs which contribute to the influx of migrants into the country. However, German and Chinese versions bypassed this issue (instead of this they showed the news piece about the growth of retail trade turnover in Hungary).




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