The Syrian army’s air force destroyed ISIS terrorists’ vehicles and positions as it targeted their gatherings in the villages of Unq al-Hawa, al-Shendakhiyeh al-Shamaliyeh, Jbab Hamad, al-Habra al-Gharbiyeh and Rasm Hamida to the east of Homs city, a military source said on Wednesday.


The source added that air force also conducted sorties targeting fortifications of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists to the west of Talamri village, northeast of Homs, killing many terrorists and destroying their sites.


Deir Ezzor


In the eastern Deir Ezzor province, a source on the ground said an army unit targeted gatherings of ISIS terrorists in Hweijet Sakr area near the eastern neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city, killing a number of them and destroying mortar launchers.


Damascus Countryside


Army units, in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance, carried out special operations against the dens and the sites of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the western Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside.


In a statement to SANA, sources on the ground said that an army unit, in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance, killed 6 ISIS members and injured many others in al-Jarajir barrens in the northwest of Damascus Countryside.


The sources said that an army unit repelled terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra who were attacking one of the military checkpoints in Falita barrens in the western Qalamoun area, inflicting heavy losses in ranks and equipment upon the terrorists.


The sources confirmed that the Lebanese resistance destroyed via a guided missile an armored vehicle belonging to al-Nusra in al-Dhalil al-Aswad hill in Falita barrens at the borders with Arsal barrens in the western Qalamoun.




A source on the ground told SANA that an army unit launched concentrated strikes on a vehicle for terrorists that was moving on the road between al-Hamidiah town and Jubata al-Khashab in the northern countryside of Quneitra province, destroying the vehicle completely.




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