Moscow is prepared to establish a broad anti-terrorist front on the basis of equality and non-interference in domestic affairs of other countries, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said on Tuesday.


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“We are convinced that the creation of a broad anti-terrorist front on the basis of norms and principles of the international law and the central coordinating role of the United Nations meets the interests of all participants of our meeting,” Patrushev said opening the meeting in Chechnya’s Grozny of high representatives overseeing securing issues.


“For its part, Russia is ready for such a joint work on the basis of equal cooperation with the respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of states and compliance with the principle of non-interference in their internal affairs,” he said.


Patrushev noted that in modern time the experience of fight against terrorism and extremism in the North Caucasus republic of Chechnya that hosts the meeting is in high demand.


“The Chechen people are an integral part of a multi-ethnic Russia and could use the opened possibilities in a right way and educate new generations of citizens on the positions of absolute non-acceptance of extremist ideology hostile to the whole sound international community,” he said.




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