NATO’s policy of confrontation with Russia is doomed to fail and will not bring any dividends to the North Atlantic Alliance, Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko told reporters on Tuesday.


Russian ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko


“NATO will have a future only if the Alliance understands that it should be able to integrate, and not to impose its agenda on the international community, which is happening today,” Grushko said.


“Policy of confrontation with Russia is doomed to fail, it does not give bring dividends in terms of security,” the diplomat added. “Sooner or later, NATO will have to fundamentally reconsider its approaches,” he noted.


Every historical stage has an end in any organization, Grushko said. “I think that sooner or later we will come to the point when it will be clear to everyone that security in Europe cannot be ensured by instruments from the past,” he said adding that “security in the region depends on the ability of states to join efforts in the fight against common threats and challenges.”




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