Berlin’s report warns on the organized transfer of refugee flow to Bulgaria. This was reported by two major German publishing houses.




Bild managed to get German government data report, entitled “On the development of the situation of migrants in Bulgaria”.


The report, which is confidential, was prepared by the “common center of analyzes and policies on illegal migration” structure with the participation of the German police and the Federal Intelligence Service. 


The authors warn that the flow of refugees is redirected: “As a result of measures taken in the Aegean Sea, the groups engaged in the illegal traffic of illegal immigrants are increasingly focusing their attention on the route from Turkey through Bulgaria and land transition to Western Europe”. Appropriate structures work there for many years, the report says.


If refugee flow will actually be redirected towards Bulgaria, the Bulgarian police may not be able to cope with such a situation, it creates a great risk for the population.


The same report cites Ntv channel. “Bulgaria continues to demonstrate the political will to confront the possible change in the route and the illegal traffic of migrants”.


The number of illegal immigrants in Bulgaria increases, the Bulgarian government begins to feel that the EU won’t help, or pretends not to notice what is happening.


In this regard, volunteer corps have begun to patrol the Bulgarian border helping the Border Service, preventing the entry of illegal migrants and terrorists, thus protecting not only Bulgaria but also safeness of the EU.




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