Turkey will not join the EU before 3000 at the current pace of accession negotiations to the community, consisting of 28 countries. This statement was made on Sunday by the British Prime Minister David Cameron. 


David Cameron


“Even in the closest plans there is no possibility for Turkey to become a EU member in the near future, – he said in an interview with ITV TV-channel. They have applied in 1987. And in the current rate of progress, they may get to the date of accession, approximately, to the year of 3000, according to the latest forecast”.


Cameron’s statements were made in the midst of the campaign for the scheduled on June 23 referendum on the country’s membership in the EU. Thus the Prime Minister who is in favor of retaining the current relations with Brussels, commented on the words of a fellow member of the Conservative Party Penny Mordaunt, holding a government post of deputy defense minister. Politician of eurosceptic camp earlier said that Turkey will become an EU member in the next 8 years, and that the UK will not be able to do absolutely nothing to prevent it.


“Representatives of the campaign for the withdrawal from the EU are misleading with their statements”, – said Cameron, calling Mordaunt words as “fundamentally wrong”. “The UK, like any other country in the EU has the right to veto the accession of another country”, said the prime minister.




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