The presidential candidate from Republicans Donald Trump assured everyone who has guns that in case he becomes the US president, he will allow to carry guns everywhere . He brought an example of 2015, when  four marine infantries in Tennessee were killed. It took place in a gun free zone.


The Republican candidate made this statement in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, during a congress of the National Rifle Association. Trump thus attracted a powerful lobbying group, which has more than 4 million members .


The association chairman Chris Cox, introducing Trump, called him the future President of the United States. He called on Republicans to unite, saying that  it is a struggle for their freedom and urged everyone to participate in the elections not to allow the victory of Clinton.


Trump said he would protect the constitutional right of carrying arms . He accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of her intention to infringe that right saying that she wants to destroy the second clause of the Constitution.


Clinton responded to Trump ‘s words in Twitter ” You’re wrong, Trump. We can uphold the Second Amendment rights while preventing senseless gun violence. “




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