The signing of the protocol of accession into NATO, knowing the position of the majority of Montenegrins (who advocate for a peaceful policy based on neutrality concept) is an illegitimate act which have no support among the popular will, said in an exclusive interview with News Front Marko Milacic, the leader of the “Movement for the neutrality” in Montenegro.


Marko Milacic


“This is an anti-democratic act, opposing the will of the majority of Montenegrins, which is the fruit of a partnership agreement between two undemocratic elites – those in NATO, in Brussels, and our leadership in Montenegro. This document, as well as all that relate to the entry into NATO would be reviewed, when in Montenegro will appear elementary democratic conditions and the power would be changed”, says Marko Milacic. 


As was shown in the documents made by “Movement for the neutrality”, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic pulls the country into NATO, among other things, on the basis of conventional fraud when it comes to surveys of citizens support of the accession.


“Montenegrin authorities fabricated the facts, reduces the percentage of occurrence on 11 units. The signing of the protocol of accession has nothing to do with the “historic decision” as it tries to present the regime’s propaganda; this is another deception of the citizens of Montenegro. If NATO was a democratic organization, they would, for example, simply not enter into negotiations with Milo Djukanovic, the latest European authoritarian leader, the prime minister who called partners in the Parliament as “idiots”, “cretins” and so on”, said Milacic.




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