Yesterday’s signing of the protocol of accession into NATO by the dictator Milo Djukanovic is a formality only externally, a natural after receiving an invitation in December. Such an opinion in an interview with News Front expressed Bosko Vukicevic from the movement “Freedom to the people” in Montenegro.


Bosko Vukicevic


“The real background of this action – to show the majority of the people who are against joining NATO, that resistance is futile, that issue has been already resolved. Of course, it is about the continuation of an aggressive propaganda of regime and pro-Western forces: nothing has been decided, it is necessary to speak correctly, the final word rests with people. I also think Russia won’t lie idle here”, said Bosko Vukicevic.


News Front interviewee also believes that Russia sees the probable accession of Montenegro to NATO as a threat to its national security.


“One of the former NATO generals said about possible nuclear war between Russia and NATO in the course of the year. I’ve been writing about this for a long time: just how grim the situation, madmen, mercenaries and traitors are pushing us to the forefront of the big confrontation. Those, who does not understand that the issue of preservation of the country’s neutrality is the number one priority, are endlessly naive. For the neutrality, that is, for the peace we should fight”, concluded Bosko Vukicevic.




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