Andrija Mandic: NATO vs Montenegro


Yesterday in Brussels, Foreign Ministers of NATO member countries signed a protocol on the accession of Montenegro into the Alliance. The leader of the Serbian List and the Serbian People’s Party of Montenegro Andrija Mandic said what that means exactly to Montenegro and Russia.


Montenegro protest


Can you tell who boosts Montenegro’s entry into NATO in the government and how the population reacts to this?


Western Allies of Milo Djukanovic are pushing Montenegro to join the alliance. They know how to control Montenegrin president. Djukanovic during his entire twenty-year reign was engaged in criminal business. All his criminal fraud are well documented by the Western structures, which are now blackmailing him with this compromising. NATO has found a way how to control Djukanovic. And he is forced to execute their orders, being a puppet in the hands of the West and implementing destructive to Montenegro processes. 


The citizens of Montenegro oppose the government policy. That’s what caused a huge wave of protests there. Tens of thousands of people regularly take to the streets of the small Montenegro, protesting against the government of Milo Djukanovic, which is due to the fact of falsified elections, remained in power for more than twenty-seven years. 


With encouraging of corruption, Djukanovic has provided his support in the Parliament. Corruption has become a significant part of Djukanovic’s government system. We, as the opposition, as the Democratic Front are deeply convinced that today’s Montenegro is literally on the edge of the abyss – the country’s entry into NATO will lead to tragic consequences.


Why NATO alliance needs Montenegro?


NATO is extremely interested in Montenegro. Montenegro remains virtually the only country in the north of the European part of the Mediterranean Sea, which has not entered into an alliance. Spain, France, Italy, Croatia are NATO members, and we are like some territorial blank segment. And further on the map are again members of the Alliance – Albania, Greece, Turkey, and so all the way to Syria. NATO is interested in our territory, our sea. 


I suppose that NATO would use Montenegro in their transport logistics. For NATO, it is important to link the Croatia and Albania, which are already members of NATO and one more obvious goal – a complete encirclement of Serbia with NATO countries.


What unites Russia and Montenegro?


Montenegrins are Orthodox, are Slavs. We perceive Russia and Russian people as the closest to us. For Russia, Montenegro and Serbia are the closest countries in Europe. And we intend to maintain this closeness as something sacred that we have inherited from our ancestors.





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