Montenegro: Majority of citizens are against association with NATO


Chairman of the Democratic People’s Party of Montenegro Milan Knezevic published the results of studies that clearly show that the majority of citizens against joining the military alliance, but only less than a quarter of the population believe that this decision can be taken without a referendum.


To the question “Do you think that Montenegro should be a member of NATO?” affirmatively responded 45.3% and 54.7% of respondents said that they are against. To the question “Should this decision be taken in the referendum?” 57% responded affirmatively, 18.2% were undecided, while 23.2% believe that referendum is not needed, Knezevic said.


Montenegro poll


In this regard, DPP leader wondered on whose behalf the authorities signed a protocol on accession to NATO. The politician also expressed the opinion that the rush to solve this important issue is related to the fact that country’s leadership knows the mood of the citizens.


On Friday, it’s planned the signing of a protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO, which then must be ratified by all member states of the alliance.