Instead of unsubstantiated denial Ankara must prove its unbelonging of supporting the militants in Syria in the UN Security Council, said Russian FM Sergei Lavrov.


“Our Turkish neighbors even in the UN Security Council said it was a pure fiction, and today the Turkish minister, when I reminded about it, confirmed that they categorically reject everything that is written there. But there are names of settlements, names of the Turkish companies which are involved in those processes, and many other facts. So, perhaps, instead of unsubstantiated denial it is better to explain in the UN Security Council, why this is not true. And if, suddenly, something of this is truth, to ask for help, if Turkey can not prevent such abuse by it own”, said the Head of the Foreign Ministry.


“We’re not trying to gloat, not trying to take revenge on anyone. We want to achieve the main goal – to solve the Syrian crisis issue peacefully through political means”, he added.




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