The unusual “gift” was placed at the constituency office in the town of Stralsund, Focus wrote.


According to reports, the police found the animal’s head on Saturday morning. Law enforcement officers have not disclosed the content of the inscriptions, but pointed out that the insulting text was personally addressed to Merkel.


A recent INSA survey has shown that German voters have become tired of Angela Merkel over last 11 years and don’t want her to become the head of the government in 2017.


According to the survey, about two-thirds of Germans — namely 64% —oppose the political strategy of the Federal Chancellor and don’t want her CDU party to win the federal elections next year.


Merkel’s popularity has decreased in the context of the current migration crisis and her open-door policy toward refugees. As a result, more than one million refugees arrived in Germany from African countries and the Middle East, raising security concerns among country’s residents.




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