In the capital of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka, today were held to meetings. The opposition has called for a change of government, and some of the speakers to the revolution. In defense of the current president Milorad Dodik was organized counter rally, which appeared to be seven times more massive.



The opposition has gathered 7000 demonstrators against were 35 thousand. The population of the entire Republika Srpska – 1.2 million people.


Milorad Dodik is the brightest protector of the Serbian people. He opposes Bosnia and Herzegovina’s intervention into the affairs of republic and criticizes Western involvement in the region.


“Betrayal is when you can not say in Sarajevo that you’re Serb and that you love Serbia, listening to foreign ambassadors”, Dodik said at today’s rally.


President completed his speech with the Serbian song “Those who do not like us, can just hate”, which greatly surprised the audience.




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