From June 7 to 17, Finland will join other NATO partner and member states in Poland for military manoeuvres ahead of a NATO summit to take place in the Polish capital, Warsaw, in July.


A British Typhoon fighter jet and a Polish Mig-29 practice surveillance drills in the Baltic region near Lithaunia in 2014


The US Army Europe said on its website that its Anakonda 2016 exercises will involve more than 25,000 troops from 24 NATO member and partner states, including countries such as Finland and Sweden. The goal is to train Polish troops to engage in military cooperation with international forces.


In June Finland will also participate in annual Baltops exercises to take place in the Baltic region. This year the NATO-led drills will include invasion manoeuvres in the Syndalen training area on the Hanko peninsula.


Finland wrapping up additional exercises


On Friday, the Finnish Army wrapped up Arrow 16, a series of drills involving mechanised gear and led by the Armoured Brigade.


The exercises took place in Niinisalo’s Pohjankangas area from May 2 to 13, and included participants from the US Army’s Europe detachment with Stryker crew transport vehicles. More than 2,000 troops participated in those exercises.


In addition to the ground exercises, Finland’s Karelian Air Command is currently hosting a fleet of F-15 fighter jets from the Oregon National Guard for aerial drills in Kuopio’s Rissila district.


The exercises wrap up next week and mark the first time that Finland is hosting such an extensive series of drills with American fighter jets.






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